Friday, June 14, 2013

Post Office and Parade Field Trip

Field Trip 2
Early December 2012

I don’t have whole lot to say about this second field trip other than it was looooong. We wound up adding a parade to the end of a relatively simple trip making it a whole day extravaganza (I just can’t say “no” to anything that sounds fun). Not all the girls did the entire day; some did the first half, others the second, but it was overall a real success. I loved it. My co-leader would probably just describe the experience as exhausting. (Though I bet I can convince her to do it again next year. :D hehe)

Post Office

Fun Patch

A Post-office Tour is a nice, easy, free tour for younger kids. If you call one of the bigger Post Offices in your area you should be able to set something up. Having it at Christmas time meant it was extra busy and there was a lot to see.

We tied this in to the Light Green “Considerate and Caring” Petal. The girls had a pile of cards to mail to the Red Cross that they made for the troops overseas. Also, they each had a “Secret Santa” Card they made for each other (see last meeting blog for details on these).

The Lady who did our tour allowed each girl to “cancel” her own Secret Santa envelope with a large stamp and sort it into the bin for our home zip code. These letters were able to get out that morning so when we got home from the field trip it was already in the mailbox. All the girls I was driving ran directly to the mailbox to check when we got home. They thought it was the coolest thing!

They also let the girls sit in the driver’s seat of a mail truck and toss packages into bins.


We were lucky enough to have a connection to a local small business who had space for us to come in and have lunch and let the girls play after the Post Office. We had each family sign up to bring an item for a picnic lunch and my co-leader and myself chipped in for chicken nuggets from a local fast food place. After lunch, we had free play time before we had to drive out to the parade.


Our Service Unit was invited to participate in a local parade. We made this a family event and had the girls’ families meet us at the parade grounds to march in the parade. We had one girl whose mom couldn’t make it and we took responsibility for her. The girls who went loved it and I think it was worth the craziness. It was a great bonding experience.

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