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Daisy Scout Meeting Four

Daisy Scout Meeting Four
First week in November 2012

Goal & Badges:        

            Finish Up working on blue “Honest and Fair Petal” and start work on yellow “Friendly and Helpful” Petal.

* * * * * *

Arrival:                Gathering- Paint Sunflower center and make their Kaper chart index cards

4:05                        Daisy Circle- Daisy Promise
  ‘Round the Daisy Circle with “how I was honest and fair”

4:10                        Water the Team Garden

4:15                        Teach friendship squeeze

4:20                        Help get snack and read Sunny’s Story

4:30                        Make a help chart for meetings 8 jobs, explain they will have them from now on

4:45                        Count of by 2‘s “Fairly” and divide into two groups
                                4 girls go to living room to pretend they are meeting a new friend
                                4 girls go to craft room to do Sunny activity

5:00                        Switch

5:15                        Create Sunny mural, ask if girls want it read again. 

5:30                        Final Daisy Song in Circle
                                Friendship squeeze
                                Remind girls to be helpful and friendly and handout homework

* * * * * * *

Gathering Activities (I started using this to get projects that we would do later started.)

1. First they painted the center of their Sunny Sunflower (more later)

2. They made a Index card with their name on it for the Kaper chart (more later).

Daisy Circle:

Say the promise together

Sing “here we go ‘round the Daisy circle” (see first meeting) with each girl getting a chance to say how they were honest and fair since the last meeting.

Friendship Squeeze

Most resources have you teaching the friendship squeeze right away as it’s a staple in girl scouts (I haven’t been to an event with the girls where they haven’t done it).  The Daisy Flower Garden Journey Leader Guide has you teaching it at the end of the first meeting, but we ran out of time and then it seemed to be a perfect fit with the “Friendly and Helpful petal so we finally fit it in here.  

Basically, you stand up in your friendship circle, cross your arms, and join hands.  The leader then starts the circle by squeezing one of the girls hands, they then squeeze the girl next to them hand and so on and so forth until we are all the way around the circle.  It will take a couple tries for them to get the hang of it.  After that it’s a great way to end meetings.

We also use it with field trips, when we arrive and need everyone to settle down and gather while waiting for our tour guide.  Just throw up a hand and say “Quiet hand” once they’re quiet we say “Quick daisy circle for the friendship squeeze.”  It isn’t perfect but it works.

Snack and Story time

We had the girls divide out the snacks (practicing fair again) and sit down for the Sunny story.  They ate while we read and then we discussed the story.  We did find snack in the first half hour helped.

Make Kaper Chart

There are tons of beautiful Kaper Charts out there.  Ours was not one of them.  What it was was quick, easy, and girl made.   We’ll be redesigning the whole system over the summer for the older and, hopefully, more responsible girls.  But this worked well as a lesson.

Our less then beautiful, but fully functional Kaper board made during the meeting


1.      Large cork board

2.      Multicolored index cards

3.      Thumbtacks

4.      Markers

5.      Stickers

Step 1:  As part of Gathering (we had two task this time) the girls each choose a colored index card and were asked to write their name and decorate it with markers and stickers in any way they wanted. (I collected them and put them aside).

Step 2:  After story time we explained to the girls that they were going to have jobs that they were going to do at each meeting and they would each get a chance to do them.  (My co-leader tried to call them Kapers but the girls just looked at us funny.  We’re still calling them jobs).  I had a big paper and I would write down all their ideas. It required a lot of prompting.  This was the first time we did this.  Then we asked the girls which they thought were the best ideas.

Step 3:  We made index cards with the jobs on them and pinned them on the board.  Then based on how quietly the girls were sitting we let them each pin their name next to a job for next time.

Jobs we used: Craft Room Clean Up, Promise Leader, Parachute set up (2 girls), Snack (2 girls) Hand out crafts, Hand out papers at end.

Favorites were handing out snacks and picking where everyone sat. 

Sunny the Sunflower (Half the girls at a time)

My Sunny

1.      A small scrap of rug (about 1-2 inches, any shape)

I used a piece of this rug as the stamp
2.      Brown cardstock, 3 inch diameter circles, cut with rick-rack scissors (1/per girl +1)

3.      Gold cardstock cut into 1 inch strips then into lots of petals (free-form)

4.      Green pipe cleaner (at least one per girl)

5.      Googly eyes (next size up from the other flowers

6.      Red or pink sharpie

7.      Elmer’s glue

8.      Stapler

9.      Gold paint

10.    Long leaves (4-5 per girl) cut from green cardstock or construction paper

11.    Small paper plate (one per girl with name on it)

12.    Pictures on real sunflowers


1.      During gathering: place at each seat a small paper plate with each girls name on it (if you want to use resources wisely save these) and a brown circle on each plate.  Have another small paper plate with gold paint on it and an old scrap of rug.  As the girls come in they can use the rug to blot a pattern on the circle.  Put them aside to dry and let the girls work on another project.

2.      In small group:  hand out each girls garden and their circle (hopefully at least slightly dry).  Show them sample garden.  Hand out glue and pipe cleaners and have them glue it where they want to.

3.      Have them pass around and look at pictures of real sunflowers while you staple on the stems. 

4.      Distribute petals and leaves and have them glue them together with the flower center.  

5.      When they are done give them googly eyes to glue on and markers to make mouth.

One of the girl's Sunnys. I loved the leaves as a hair bow.

Role Play Making New Friend (Half the girls at a time)

While half girls are working on Sunny the other half were  roll playing meeting new friends in the other room.  They each took turns being the new girl and being the girl that went up and introduced herself.  They were prompted to say things like, “My name is ______ what’s your name?”  And “Would you like to play with us?”

They had extra time so they talked about what chores they could do to be helpful at home.

Sunny Mural

Again this was straight out of the Daisy Handbook.  We bought a huge roll of white paper at the teacher’s store (we’ve used it a couple times and I still have plenty left), unrolled it across the floor, put out small buckets of crayons and colored pencils and told the to draw the party at the end of the story.

Closing Circle: 

 Friendship squeeze again and reminded them about being friendly and helpful.


Sunny Worksheet and Lupe petal

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