Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And so the craziness came online...

I’m starting this blog with the semi-willing co-operation of my co-leader as an antidote to all the Girl Scout Journey Bashing out there.  Because when you’re searching for cool ideas what’s really not helpful is a lot of “I tried one and my girls were so boooored…whine…whine…I want the old try-its back...whine.”

I can’t help but think that all those people whose journeys sucked, missed the point and, also, didn’t bother to be creative and make it their own.

Ok, so maybe that’s a little harsh.  And, fine, I’ve only done one year of Girl Scouts and one Daisy Journey- the Garden Journey.  But our Journey really kinda rocked.  The girls loved it, the parents loved it, the Leaders loved it (even if we are exhausted) and we’re all raring to start another next year.  Also I’ve fully read and started to plan the next 5 journey’s `cause…hello…look at the title…OCD!!!

Why the Journey’s are important?
They bring the girl’s back to the cornerstones of girl scouts
  1. Community Service
  2. Leadership
  3. Character Building (through the girl scout law)

Seriously, if your troop isn’t focusing on those three things then why are you in Girl Scouts?   To sell cookies?

The journeys are the antidote to all the troops who do nothing but do crafts and throw parties, not that I’m against parties and crafts.  If you follow my blog you’ll see I adore both, but they aren’t the point of Girl Scouts.

My Troup
8 girls (5 Kindergarteners & 3 First Graders)
Meetings for 1 ½ hours twice a month
Field Trips once a month
Occasional “events”

From late September through late May (all we have left now is or bridging and final celebration) we were able to do all 10 petals, all 4 leaves, and complete the Garden Journey. 

We didn’t rush either.  My girls know their Promise and their Girl Scout Law better then most Cadettes.  (I know, I know I’m bragging again, whatever).  

We had a great year and all my girl’s are signed up and ready for the crazy ride again next year (and we’re adding camping next year mwhahaha).  So, what does a crazy, OCD, Girl Scout Leader do when it’s June and it’s three months before she needs to plan the next meeting.  Apparently, she brings her crazy on-line and blogs.

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